One of Donna’s favorite assignments is clutter control. She loves helping her clients get organized from the garage to the pantry. Pre-party pick-ups are popular as is guestroom reclamation when company is coming. She enjoys the process of decluttering and encourages everyone to “down-size” their stuff. Her new favorite saying is “Live~Laugh~Love...the most important things in life aren’t things!”

Family Taxi

Donna spends a lot of time on the road for and with her clients. She picks up kids after school, transports them to their next destination, be it home or soccer. She drives people to Dulles Airport and Senior Citizens to their medical appointments. Need a ride to or from the car repair shop? Call The Village TimeSaver.


While she is out and about she will run your errands; pick up prescriptions, drop off and pick-up dry cleaning, deliver a package, do your personal shopping, pick up and deliver groceries. Cars need inspection? Let Donna sit in that line.


When you go on vacation, there is peace of mind to be had if you engage The Village TimeSaver to feed the cat, water the plants, bring in the mail and the paper and keep an eye on your home. Trash cans can be wheeled out to the curb and then back to the garage. No one will even know you are gone!


Having a party and need help? Donna does not cook but she is one incredible side-kick behind the scenes; shopping, setting up, clearing up, serving in between. Can you imagine actually enjoying your own party? That’s what The Village TimeSaver can do for you!

Uh Oh

Uh-oh...the washer has been full of water and wet clothes for two days!. Call the repair people and then call Donna to wait for them. It’s a no-brainer.

Pet Services

The Village TimeSaver offers excellent Pet Services; mid-day walks, vacation visits, transport to kennel, groomer or vet. Donna is married to Jamie, a local veterinarian and owner of the Clifton-Centreville Animal Clinic, so pet care is a natural fit for her business.

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The Village TimeSaver of Clifton has been providing personal assistance to the many busy families of the Clifton community since 1999. Donna Netschert, resident of Clifton, founder and sole owner of this thriving home-based business.